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                      Leading health care service provider @ your Door step  in Coimbatore, especially for elders, Doctor Consultation @ Home, Physiotherapy, Systematized Home Nursing Service, Medicine delivery (Within 1 Hr @Door step), Blood collection , Nutritious Diet to Home,Ambulance and other health care service…..

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24X7 Medical Assistance

If you have a health concern and can’t reach a doctor right away, or you’re not sure where else to call, you can call our Medical Help Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated Case Manager

Our dedicated case manager helps develop and coordinate personalized care plan for all the elders with which they work. They act as intermediaries between elders, their family and the healthcare team.

Geriatrician Supervised Care Plan

Care plans are developed in consultation with the geriatrician and regularly monitored by the medical team. This ensures that elders get the best care possible through the multi- disciplinary team.


MEDINDIA Assisted Living Centre is an exclusive facility for elders who need residential care for various reasons. This facility provides patients with the comfort of a homely and familiar environment coupled with the benefit of service by professional care givers. At MEDINDIA Elder Care Assisted Living centre we provide rehabilitative and restorative care, Respite Care, End of Life Care, Alzheimers and Dementia care and Post -Surgery Care among other services.

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