Why MEDINDIA for Doctor at Home Services?

Doctor Home Visits in Coimbatore by MEDINDIA ELDER CARE provides expert quality medical care for seniors at home by experienced geriatric specialists, making quality treatment at home for senior citizens more accessible and affordable. Our doctors understand the geriatric world and exert hard to instill the seniors with a leap of faith and with the trust the elderly required. This makes the treatment process more assuring and more healing.

The doctors at MEDINDIA ELDER CARE are well qualified and experienced in geriatrics especially in wound care, post-surgery care, general health check-up and diabetic care for geriatrics. All the treatment procedures at MEDINDIA ELDER CARE are specially designed for senior citizens and are result oriented. MEDINDIA is driven by a commitment towards making a positive impact on senior lives while addressing their health issues with care and compassion that improve their quality of life.

We are Specialized In


General Geriatric Care

Doctor visits at home for seniors who require general care for minimal illness, evaluating diabetic mellitus (DM), coronary artery disease (CAD) and Hypertension complications.

Neurological Care

Care for seniors who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, Stroke and other brain disorders. Complete evaluation of the symptoms and patient condition and treating them accordingly.

Orthopaedic Care

Long-term treatment for the senior patients who suffer from arthritis, recent falls and other knee and bone disorders including post-operative care for elderly, at home.

Oncology Care

Homebound care for the oncology patients who require symptomatic treatment. Complete oncology care for the patients who are in the initial stages.

The Benefits of ‘Doctor Home Care’ for Seniors

Consulting doctor at the hospital could be difficult for seniors considering all the tiresome tasks involved in depending on the hospitals for general consultations and regular health check-ups. The doctor home visits service can be of great convenience for the elderly in many ways.


Personalized Treatment

Through the Doctor at Home service, you could get proper attention of the doctor and personalized treatment. In addition, MEDINDIA  offers Specialist Doctor Visits at Home where the seniors can avail the right treatment by the right consultant.


Reduces the Need for Travel

Travelling in the traffic for doctor consultations and health check-ups could be a tough task for the elderly. Through doctor on call services, seniors can just call the doctor and get treated at their home itself.


Avoids the Waiting Period

The waiting period for the doctor consultation at the hospital could be long in spite of the appointment. Doctor home visits can avoid longer waiting periods and you can get to see the doctor at your convenient time.


Cost Effective Treatment

Considering the direct and indirect costs of the hospital, including the travel expenses, doctor at home would be way affordable. In fact it is both affordable and convenient as seniors can avail better treatement at their homes itself.